Smart Thermostats


Why do you need a Smart Thermostat?

Smart Thermostats do more than just control the temperature of your home. They are equipped with Wi-Fi, sensors, and many advanced algorithms. As well as the comfort benefits, saving money on your energy bill is an amazing benefit of a Smart Thermostat. It is predicted that you can save anywhere from 10-12% on heating costs and even more on your cooling cost over the course of the year that adds up.

The T9 Smart Thermostat from Honeywell works with Smart Room Sensors to help keep you comfortable anywhere in your home.  The sensor can be placed in areas of your home where you want to monitor the room temperature and humidity.  With multiple sensors, Honeywell’s Smart Thermostat will work toward creating an average temperature across the whole home. 

With the Wi-Fi capabilities, you can take it all with you.  This means you can manage the temperature of your home from anywhere.  If temperatures rise or fall below your threshold, then the thermostat will alert you.  It also recognizes when you are home and when you are not and can respond automatically by adjusting the temperature. 

Technology can sometimes be intimidating, but not with Smart Thermostats.  Programming is easier than ever.  It allows you to monitor your energy usage and make adjustments that best suit the needs of your home.  Putting these together helps your Home Comfort System run more efficiently, saving you more money. 

With energy-efficient smart thermostats, many utility companies will give you a rebate for installing them.  You can check HERE. to see if you qualify for a rebate on the installation of a new Smart Thermostat in your home. 

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To put it simply, having a Smart Thermostat can make your life more comfortable, save you money, and take the worry out of your home’s energy consumption.  Contact the professionals at US HVAC or book an appointment online today to have your Smart Thermostat installed.

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