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Most people never give a second thought to the air quality in their homes. But did you know that the air quality in your home can be just as bad or worse than the air outside? With the average American spending a large majority of their life indoors, this should be something that we are all concerned about. Thankfully there are several solutions out there that can help you improve your indoor air quality now.

Air Quality Solutions

Controlling the source of pollutants is usually the most effective way to improve your indoor air quality. Adjusting fuel-burning appliances to their proper settings, eliminating tobacco products, limiting the use of household cleaning products, and controlling humidity are all ways to deal with indoor air quality at the source. This is also the most cost-efficient approach to protecting your indoor air quality.

Improving ventilation to your home helps to lower indoor air pollutants. Bringing in fresh air from outside by opening windows and operating attic fans when the weather permits can help bring in that fresh air. This is especially important if you are doing activities that generate high levels of pollutants like painting, cooking, stripping, or sanding.

Air cleaners come in all shapes and sizes. The effectiveness of the air cleaner depends on how well it collects pollutants from the air. But also, how much air it draws through the filter. Small tabletop filters can be effective for small areas; however, they will not filter an entire house. Air Purifiers like those from Bryant can remove dust, dander pollen, and other particles from your entire home. Bryant air purifiers work effectively and inexpensively.

US HVAC Services Heating & Cooling offers industry-leading indoor air quality equipment. We want to protect you and your family’s home from harmful substances. We have solutions for everyone’s budget, from Micro-Particulate Ionizers to Filtration and cabinets, UV lights, and PCU Air Purification.

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If the air quality in your home concerns you, give the experts at US HVAC Services Heating & Cooling a call or visit us online to get more information or schedule a quote. Improve the quality of your home’s air today.

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