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Finally, the summer is wrapping up, and sooner or later, we will see some Autumn weather coming our way. That means your air conditioner has done its job, and it’s time for the heater to step up! Keeping your family comfortable in your home has always been our number one priority. If you have a maintenance plan with us, now is the time to call and schedule your next visit. If you don’t, give us a call today to learn more about our maintenance offers and yearly services.  Planned maintenance keeps your system on its toes and ready for the change in weather outside.

Benefits of Fall Maintenance

We encourage our customers to be proactive with their system each year by scheduling maintenance with us. If your system is working well, we can clean your system to ensure it continues to work well all season long. Ideally, you should schedule your maintenance before turning on your heat or before turning on your air for the season. As the summer is ending, we usually begin maintenance calls for your heating system. Here are a few benefits to maintaining your system before the Autumn:

  1. Less Likely to Need Repairs- Having your system break down on the coldest day of the winter makes for a cold, sleepless night as you wait for your HVAC company to make it to your home. Our busiest times are on the hottest and coldest days of the year. Scheduling a maintenance cleaning and check on your system reduces your chances of having to make that call for repairs. Issues with the system can be deteded early. All parts are cleaned and ready to work.
  2. Become a Regular Customer- Having a maintenance contract with us gives you the benefits if you ever need repairs. We respond as quickly as possible with our fully loaded vans and trucks, and we warranty the parts and work.
  3. Prolong your System’s Life- Just like anything else, keeping your system healthy with little need for repairs allows for a longer lifespan. Those systems that we regularly perform maintenance service on always last longer and saves our customers their hard-earned money.

What does a maintenance visit consist of?

  • Filters are changed, and operating parts are checked for wear and tear and to be sure nothing needs to be replaced.
  • Cleaning the condensate line and coils can rid of any debris or dust that could cause issues or build up in the future.
  • The drainage lines and drain pans should be cleaned regularly to reduce mold growth or an overflow in the system.
  • Any loose parts or connections will be tightened and tested.
  • We check refrigerant levels and check for signs of leaking.
  • We check parts to ensure they are in optimal working order and will help the system run efficiently.

Schedule Your Visit Today

Planned maintenance is one of the best things you can do for the well-being of your home’s comfort system. When signing up for a planned maintenance program, you will get two system checks per year. Our professionally trained technicians evaluate and clean your system both spring and fall. Don’t wait until your system breaks and you are without heat—call us today!! Save your money and time with planned maintenance.  We are eager to serve you and meet all your home comfort system needs.

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